Biotech Employee Candidates

Tanner and Associates has developed long term and very confidential relationships with our Client Companies. Clients enlist our talents to find the most qualified candidates available in order to bring cutting edge Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods to market and to fill positions with Municipalities, Public Utility Districts, Non-Government Organizations, Hospitals, and Capital Construction. We are often contracted to fill positions that are confidential and never made public. This means these positions are only available through firms such as ours.


The Process:

Candidates that work with Tanner and Associates are presented to potential employers in the most confidential of manner ensuring that their job search is always kept private. Once a candidate is ready, they are presented directly to the Hiring Manager instead of being lost in a stack of resumes. HR is constantly overwhelmed by the vast amount of resumes received through online portals. We ensure that you will not be lost in giant database and will instead be placed at the front of the line. We focus on actively promoting your candidacy by facilitating interviews, soliciting feedback, and keeping you on the forefront of the Hiring Manager’s mind. We will prepare you from CV to offer acceptance to help you have the most successful interview process possible.

We start with an initial private contact to match you to the appropriate position. We then focus on fine-tuning the resume for that position. Tanner and Associates will then present you to the client as one of our preferred choices. As the process progresses, we will groom you for the interview process based on our inside industry knowledge and understanding of exactly what the client is seeking in a candidate and to ensure that you are prepared.  Once an offer is extended, we help negotiate the contract, salary, and benefits to satisfy both parties.

Dangers of Applying Direct:


Despite all of the advancements in technology and the vast amounts of job boards available, technology can actually hinder your job seeking process and may cause issues if you are currently employed.

Once you submit your resume through a job board or social media site:

  • You don’t know how many people/companies will see your resume
  • You don’t know who is looking at your resume
  • You have no control of where your resume goes
  • You could easily disappear into a massive database
  • Once you are in a company’s system, Tanner & Associates, or another recruiter for that manner, will not be able to represent you in your job search.


Tanner and Associates will give you the guidance you need to successfully transition to a new career.

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