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Tanner & Associates successfully staffed the world's premier Biotech, Pharmaceutical, and Consumer Product companies since 1984. We have extensive experience working with employers from a variety of employers including Municipalities, Public Utility Districts, Non-Government Organizations, Hospitals, and Capital Construction. We pride ourselves in matching the right candidate to the right job in the timeliest manner possible. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Tanner and Associates has fostered personal relationships with industry leading companies for over 20 years.


Tanner and Associates specializes in recruiting for most of the top ten biotechnology, pharmaceutical and consumer goods companies in the United States. Please email us at for more information.


It is well known in the industry that working with these top companies yield significant personal and financial growth. So much so that it is sometimes hard for jobseekers to gain exposure or even a call back from a major company.


Tanner & Associates has a Proven Track Record

Most of these companies now work with a restricted list of recruiters handpicked because of their track record for delivering quality candidates. Only contracted Recruiters are allowed to submit resumes and can arrange interviews for their candidates. Craig Tanner and Associates is proud to be one of these select Recruiters. Many of our assignments are on a retainer basis ensuring that our Clients receive the full benefit of our experience and expertise. Many of our original candidates, placed years ago, are now in leadership positions, giving us direct communication to management. As a result, we feel that we can be particularly effective in placing qualified candidates with our Clients.

We have built our reputation and position through honesty, discretion and effective results. With any of our Applicants, we promise an honest representation, direct feedback, and confidentiality. We never send a resume to any company without the permission of our candidates and we never conduct "mass mailings". This ensures a productive experience for all parties involved.


Learn More About Us

If you would like to know more about how to select a Recruiter feel free to check out the Job Search Tips or call us directly at 760-598-3363.

If you are a candidate interested in one of our current openings, send us your resume directly by clicking on the Submit Resume Button or by contacting us directly. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 


If you are an employer looking for an experienced and reputable firm to assist you in your search for top talent, e-mail us. Or call us directly at 760-598-3363. You will deal exclusively with one of our Senior Partners. We have a 95% success rate on retained searches.


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