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Tanner & Associates has specialized in finding, screening, and delivering qualified candidates to Biotech, Pharmaceutical, & Consumer Product companies as well as  Municipalities, Public Utility Districts, Non-Government Organizations, Hospitals, and Capital Construction projects for over twenty years. We built our business as companies like Amgen were emerging in the biotech industry and therefore understand the nuances and needs required to place candidates in highly technical scientific and management positions. Over the years we have built deep resource of contacts covering a variety of specialties. In fact, many of our original candidates, placed years ago, are now in leadership positions, giving us direct communication to management. As a result, we feel that we can be particularly effective in placing qualified candidates with our Clients.


Generating Immediate Contacts

Due to our proprietary database that we have developed over decades in the industry, there is not a search that exists that we could not generate immediate contacts. Many times we can respond with qualified, pre-screened candidates in 24 hours. We pride ourselves in delivering results very quickly as many times Clients do not have the luxury of dragging out a search for months at a time.


In today’s world of job boards and online applications, an incomprehensible amount of data is available for hiring managers to analyze. HR is many times overwhelmed and understaffed. Many times they have quality people in their database that they will never locate due to the time it takes to sort through the massive amounts of data. Even with this overflow of candidates, many ideally targeted hires will never respond to job boards or advertisements. Due to sensitivity issues of finding a new position, these candidates will only look at positions through professional recruiters. Tanner and Associates specializes in contacting and building relationships with only the highest caliber of potential hires. We ensure that any person submitted by our firm has been prequalified, prescreened and will be a potential hire. We will only send a person that is capable of filling the job. We make it easy for the hiring managers to select the ideal person for the position.

High Success Rate

Tanner and Associates have extensive experience with retained searches, contingency, and contract placement. Historically we have over a 95% success rate on retained searches. We will work with your company to arrange a contractual relationship that will deliver the desired results.


If you are an employer looking for an experienced and reputable firm to assist you in your search for top talent, e-mail us at  or call us directly at 760-598-3363. One our Senior Partners will guide you through the process of securing the recruiting services of Tanner and Associates.

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